America’s Most Popular Cars

Whenever you provide this sort of information you are opening yourself up for trouble – it’s a bit like talking about “the best car for families” or “the best SUV for a vacation” . . . it’s largely down to personal preference. This list of cars has been compiled using proper facts, figures and statistics by men in white coats which computers so . . . as far as I know . . . it’s pretty accurate.
If not then I’m sorry but here goes . . .
Let’s call it some of the most popular motors in the United States.

The Ford Escape – this fabulous motor is proving to be a real winner and accounts for more than 1 per cent of used car sales in America. At an average price of less than $18,000 it’s easy to see why. Check it out at Chino Ford and you’ll soon see why they’re so popular.


The Chevrolet Malibu – has about the same market share as the Ford Escape, a mid range, mid-sized sedan selling for an average price of around $15,000. You probably see a fair few of them on your drive to work in the mornings, and if you don’t yet you soon will.

The Chevrolet Impala – is a little smaller and cheaper than the Chevrolet Malibu and enjoys a slightly higher share of the market. It has a price of less than $14,000 and is a real fleet favorite – two factors which probably helped quite considerably in the rankings.

The Toyota Corolla – is an incredibly popular used car in the United States, sales of which account for around 1.6 per cent of all used car sales. The average price is only $13,000 – can you see a pattern emerging. As the cars get cheaper they appear to get more popular.

Next year's European-style Corolla sedan. Overseas model shown.

The BMW 3 Series – okay, this one ruins my pattern theory – the BMW 3 Series accounts for almost 2 per cent of all used car sales yet has an average selling price of $24,000. It is a pretty spunky motor though, no wonder so many people snap up a second hand one when they get the chance.

The Ford F-150 – comes in hot on the heels of the BMW 3 Series with a similar market share. The average price tag is a little lower than the BMW, close to $22,500. Check out the options at Fairview Ford.

The Honda Civic – gets us back on trend in the price stakes. These little crackers are well known for their superb reliability after travelling for thousands, and thousands . . . and thousands of miles. At an average selling price of around $13,000 on the used car market they make up almost 2 per cent of all used car sales.

The Nissan Altima – has an average second hand selling price of approximately $15,000 and has a firm grip on the used car market in cities across the United States. No wonder they are so popular with no indication that their popularity will begin to fade any time soon.

The Toyota Camry – also sells for around $15,000 on the used car market accounting for around 2.2 per cent of the market. This is a very popular choice right across America.
The Honda Accord – takes up more than 2.3 per cent of the used vehicle market in America with a very similar price tag to the Toyota Camry averaging around $15,000. -

There is certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to fabulous used cars in America – affordable, economical, stylish and sleek. There really is something for everyone.