Best Cars for Easy and Comfortable Living in the City

Living in the city can be tough, particularly if parking is always hard or expensive. $4 an hour? That’s crazy. But some of us need to own a car. It’s expensive, car ownership, but it can be minimized when you get a car that’s suited for the city. You don’t want to get just anything, like a truck or SUV, no – you need something that will get you reliably from your apartment to the super market to the gig to the Ikea and back, with all your pick ups and drop offs along the way. Here are some city-suited cars for the jet setter like yourself.

Honda Civic


Civics are ubiquitous vehicles, seen everywhere, and for good reason. It’s as reliable a car as they make. I don’t know why Japanese cars seem to be more reliable, but that’s been the way of it. Civics, particularly the two-doored hatchback, are the best for the city. Not only are they small enough to squeeze into most spaces (though of course not as many as the Smart Car), but with the hatchback, they can hold a surprising amount of gear and groceries. You’ll love the fuel efficiency too, and the fact that Civics look pretty cool is an added bonus. You can get luxury features, too, in a Civic. Not to mention they are great for road trips for when you jet set out of the city and into nature to see how the other half lives!

Smart Car


These cars which oft double as the butt of a joke are really quite awful to behold. They are really, really ugly. But if you can live past the shame you will feel any time you leave the car, or pick up a date, or do any day-to-day activity, you will get to smugly slide into any parking space, even if it isn’t a parking space, and your gas mileage will at least let you hang your hat above other hats on the rack. It’s a great choice for the lonely. But many city-life jet setters are lonely, at least on the inside, so a smart car is an obvious choice.

Nissan Pixo


The Pixo is a great option for city livers. It’s not as common as the others here, but that only makes the price more affordable. If you are looking for used cars in Riverside, you gotta head to the Metro Nissan Redlands and look at the Pixos that they have available for test drive. These things can zip around, have awesome fuel efficiency, and will allow you to park in almost any parking space that your large-car driving friends will have to pass on. And we all know how frustrating it is to be searching for a spot and finally find one only to realize you can’t fit in it.

Getting a car for the city is important and there are many options to choose from. One of these three is no doubt going to make your life easier and better.