Southern California’s Best Ways to Beat the Heat

Summer in Southern California is a sweltering, crowded place. Sometimes the temperatures exceed a hundred degrees, and no matter where we live in the area, most of us are cowering from that oppressive heat and trying to stay hydrated. Though it’s not easy, there are a number of ways to get away and beat the heat, and you won’t have to go far.

The obvious escape is the beach. Southern California is world famous for its beautiful beaches that stretch from San Diego all the way through Big Sur. Many of them are partially blocked from the open ocean, and this really minimizes dangerous currents and makes it safer for kids and inexperienced swimmers. There are also countless stretches of scenic beaches with picturesque waves that offer the occasional dolphin sighting. When it’s time for my friends and me to go to the beach, I tend to head up to Malibu. To me, Malibu is the best because the beaches are less crowded, there are fewer tourists and the water is cleaner for swimming. If you’re looking for a great family beach destination, go up to Zuma Beach. There is food right on the beach and you’ll never search long for a place to lay down your blankets.


Hurricane Harbor is among the best water parks in the world. Located just north of Los Angeles in Valencia, CA, this escape offers dizzying water rides that will exhaust your kids and keep all of you cool. Right next door is Six Flags, Magic Mountain, the premier roller coaster provider on the west coast. Here, in this hub of hedonism, you and your family will make unforgettable memories of shouts, scream and laughter that will stay with you forever. As a self-proclaimed roller coaster freak, I think that Six Flags is the best theme park I’ve ever been to. For either one of these gems, you might have the best luck going on a weekday so you don’t have to deal with such long lines. Goliath is the flagship ride at these parks. It offers a 270 foot drop that will flush all of your blood to your head and make you seeing stars. Remember, wherever you go, make sure you wear plenty of sunblock and drink tons of water.


To get anywhere in southern California, you’ll need a reliable car. The new, 2014 fleet of beautiful Dodge cars and trucks is guaranteed to offer anyone a vehicle perfect for his or her needs. Obviously they all have air conditioning, but they all offer state of the art safety features and elegant conveniences that will turn your commute into an escape of its own! My personal favorite is the Dodge Challenger. It is a modern day muscle car designed for power and fun. If you’re in the market for a new car, or you need something to help you escape the oppressive heat, look no further than either used cars downey or McPeek Dodge to help you find what you’re looking for.