What’s In the Glove Compartment?

The modern motor car might be a million miles away from the cars which first hit the roads a couple of hundred years ago, they look different and they certainly perform differently but one thing has remained in almost every car on the roads today, everything from the budget hatch to the top of the range executive sedan – the glove compartment rules supreme.
No prizes for guessing what the glove compartment / glove box was originally designed for – yep, carrying gloves, but you’ll be hard pushed to find a pair of gloves in any modern glove compartment, these days they are used for a whole collection of different things.


• Insurance Documents – the majority of drivers are pretty sensible types who want everything to hand in case they are involved in some sort of accident, and what easier place to choose than the glove compartment?
• Drivers License – apparently more than 90% of drivers carry their license in the glove compartment just in case they get pulled over by the traffic police. Great plan unless you get your car stolen I suppose.
• Maps – yes, the good old fashioned map can still be found lurking in many a glove box . . . even though the majority of people have been introduced to Sat Nav systems over the last few years they still have a map in the glove compartment for just in case. Unfortunately many of them are probably well out of date and have been there for years.


• A torch – now we’re back to being just plain sensible. A torch is carried in more than 50% of the glove compartments across the States (apparently, I haven’t actually counted them myself). These are not only invaluable if you run into trouble after dark but also for seeing into the darkest corners under the hood. Unfortunately there are no figures to suggest how many of the torches have actual working batteries.
• A pair of sunglasses – the essential accessory for the majority of drivers, and when the driver is not working on “looking cool” they store their sunglasses in the glove box until the next time.


• Car documents – again this is a good idea . . . and a bad idea all rolled into one. If your motor is stolen or broken into and these documents fall into the wrong hands – ouch, doesn’t bear thinking about.
• First aid kit – yep, we’re back at “Captain Sensible”. These are actually an essential item which ought to be carried in the car at all times – either a larger kit in the trunk or a small one in the glove compartment. Even a very small amount of equipment can make a huge difference in case of emergency.
• Snacks – these are regularly carried in the glove compartment of family cars, something to keep the kids quiet when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Unfortunately there are no figures about how many of these snacks are complete . . . and how many of them have had a nibble taken out of them.
So where do you fit with all of this? Some people also carry things like a notepad and pen, spare batteries; spare bulbs etc . . . families with young babies might even carry a spare diaper or two. Check out the glove compartments in the cars at fiat downey to see how much stuff you can fit . . . and while you’re at it check out the motors too, there are some great deals to be had. Go on, OC Fiat has got a great choice waiting for you.